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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

By the early 1900's, paper and paper products had come to play an increasingly important part in consumers' lives and their manufacture had become a well- established industry in the United States.

But the reeds used in the paper manufacturing process were all manufactured outside the United States , and when World War I broke out, it became impossible to import them.

And so, in 1918, United States Fourdrinier Wire Weavers decided to try its hand at reed manufacturing. Its new venture, called Liberty Reed Co., was launched inside the former Lindsay Wire Weaving Company facilities in Cleveland, Ohio. Eventually, only Liberty Reed was able to supply reeds to this industry.

But postwar Europe lost no time in refitting and revitalizing its reed manufacturing industry. European research and development eventually produced the all-metal solder reed, which became standard equipment for the new generation of weaving machines. With the passing of time, Liberty Reed had been slow to react to this market trend and found its products and techniques outdated.

But at that point a leading competitor, seeing the opportunity for a solid foothold in the American market, stepped in, relocated the company to South Carolina and refitted it with all new machinery. And during its startup phase in 1983, Liberty Reed scored a major technological breakthrough:

The Epoxy Reed
In May of 1991, the company made its last solder reed.

The epoxy reed eliminated the health concerns associated with the lead-based solder reed. Moreover, its strength and flexibility optimized customers' fabric quality. Today, Liberty Reed manufactures epoxy forming fabric, press felt and dryer felt reeds for the paper industry, as well as wire weaving reeds for dandy rolls, mosquito screening and filters for air bag systems. And customers around the world look to Liberty Reed for quality, dependability and service.

After repeated calls from the Textile weaving sector Liberty Reed decided in 2003 to invest in new equipment to be able to produce the highest quality Air Jet Reeds.

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